My name is Nina Heldenius but many know me by my stage name Alita Creeps.  4 years ago I found Aerial Acrobatics and it has completely changed my life. From being a person that had to literally DRAG myself to do some type of exercise, to now live and breathe Aerial . Exercise came as a bonus!

Instructing gives me so much joy, to be able to see my students grow. From taking their first scary step into this fantastic world of movement and strength. And to later see them start to feel comfortable, get stronger and do things that seemed to be impossible at first. To see someone impress themself is a true honour.

Since I myself was a beginner not too long ago I think that I have a deeper understanding of the thoughts and fears that you can have at the beginning of your journey.

I teach classes from beginner to advanced levels and offer private classes as well. Contact me if you have special needs and desires!


  • 1st place in SM 2019 (Swedish Nationals) in Professional Category.

  • ElevatEd Instructor Education Level 1 & 2.

  • 3 Years experience as an instructor.

  • 3 Years professional experience as a performer.


Hi, I'm Gabriella Rooth aka Harley Queen. I'm a dancer, aerialist, stage art performer and dance teacher. I've been performing in general for over eight years, aerial performer for about 3 years. 

My main strength in aerial is expression as I combine dancing with the acrobatics. I love putting the details in a choreography and storytelling. In my aerial classes we always work on strength an technique but the main focus is to work on a combination/choreography. 

In my backbend classes we work a lot on warming up as well as strengthening the body in a step by step way, to be ready to get into our bridges etcetera by the end of the class. 


  • Graduated DOCH - Danslärarutbildningen LTU.

  • 8 Years professional experience of performing, dance and burlesque.

  • 3 Years professional experience as an Aerial performer.